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Carlos Oliveira

I’m Carlos Oliveira, a husband, parent of three beautiful children, software developer, comic books fan and occasional gamer. I like to play soccer, read about Forex trading and to meditate. I live in the beautiful city of Leiria in Portugal.

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New Features for Trendline EA (poll)

If there is any feature that you would like me to implement on the new Trendline EA PRO version, please let me know. This way I can prioritize the implementation of the features that are most requested. Thanks in advance. Loading...

Moving Averages vs Trend Lines

There are many technical indicators for all preferences and styles. Moving averages and Trend lines are among the most comon of them. Moving averages can be traced back to Richard Donchian and the trend following Turtles back in the 50s and 60s. Trendlines in the...

The top 10 MT4 Indicators that I use in my trading

As a trader, one of the first things I do right after installing Metatrader 4 is to go and get all of my favorite indicators/tools. This is my list of the top 10 Metatrader 4 indicators that I use and that make my live easier and improve my trading. 1. Key PA Levels...



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